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Mr. CangHua Zhao
Position :General Manager
Motto: Our life becomes brilliant because of untiringly struggle.Our Mind becomes miraculous because of hard study.
In 1995, Major in the mechanical design and manufacturing in Zhejiang University.
In 1998, Learn technical skills from his masters
In 2000, Work as the design director in a Guangdong Mould Group Corporation.
In 2001, Be promoted to Production Manager.
In 2002, Be promoted to Production General Manager.
In 2003, Found New Vision Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd
In 2006, Found New Vision Pipe Fitting Mould Co.,Ltd together with Mr. Bin Huang
Speciality: Expert in product design and industrial design.
Workshop standardized management master.
In 2006, The best demoulding design award for thin-wall mould issued by Mold Association.
In 2007, The most creative mould industrial structure award issued by Mold Association.
Mr. DaHua Chen
Position :Vice-President of Production
Motto: The simplest thing needs perseverance, and the hardest thing needs it too.
In 1996, Enter Mold Industry. Learn mould design and manufacturing for electrical appliances' plastic parts.
In 1999, Take further education in a mould school of Guangdong.
In 2000, Work as a team leader in a mould company of Shanghai
In 2002, Be promoted to Production Manager for the company's Home appliances mould.
In 2003, Be delegated to Japan and in charge of projects' technical aspects in Panasonic Corp for 10 months.
Since 2005,Join New Vision
Technical Expertise:Design and Manufacturing for electrical appliances, Molding technology for high-end appliances' transparent parts.
Mr. DongLiang Huang
Position:Production Manager
Motto: The strong conquer today.Only Cowards bemoan for yesterday,and the lazybones wait for tomorrow.
In 1989, Be apprenticed to a master and learn mould manufacturing for plastic household products in Huangyan
In 1992, Continue his learning in Guangzhou, and work in a large mould company of Dongguan
In 1997, Be delegated to the company's branch in Taiwan and work there as Production Manager
Since 2007, Join New Vision
Speciality: Production Process Management and workshop 5S management.
Technical Expertise: Plastic chair mould design and manufacturing
Mr. JiaoLong Fang
Position :Design Dept.Manager
Motto: God helps those who help themselves. Sometimes our giving not necessarily has the harvest,but there will be no harvest for sure without giving.
In 2002,Graduate from Zhejiang University of Technology, majoring in mechanical design.
In 2002, Be apprenticed to a master and learn mould design in Huangyan.
In 2005,Hold "Huangyan JiaoLong Mould Design Training Class"
Since 2009, Join New Vision.
Technical Expertise: Focusing on home appliances' mould structure design. One of his designs in mould structure for vacuum cleaners' plastic parts was adopted by one Japanese Company.
Ms. Gloria Cui
Position :Foreign Trade Dept.Manager
Motto: The greatness of ocean is because she can unite all the rivers,and the ordinary of ocean is because she starts from a single drop
Nickname: Customers' sweetheart
Mr. Jason Chen
Position :Domestic Trade Dept.Manager
Motto: If life isn't now, then tell me when. Being Present.
Nickname: One of the four King-kong in Domestic Trade Dept.