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China Plastic Mould Company regional market characteristics analysis2012-12-10 10:47:47

In recent years, China Plastic Mould Company   of the rapid development of the company, according to incomplete statistics, in 2004 China's mold manufacturing plant at about 3 thousand, 800000 employees, the output value of the Yuan mold has more than 20 enterprises, the output value of 50000000 yuan to 100000000 yuan of medium-sized enterprises have dozens, the output value of around 20000000 companies accounted for a large in proportion to. The local government support and encouragement, our country has formed a number of Mold Industrial Park, in perfect industry chain, to attract foreign investment and strengthen the social capital plays a positive role to. Mold industry regional distribution characteristics of gradually forming, from the regional distribution point of view, to the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta as the center of southeast foreland development is the fastest.

Guangdong -- domestic mold Market Leader

Guangdong China today is the most main mold market, China is the largest export and import province. The mold production more than 40% from Guangdong, and mold processing equipment, numerical control rate and the performance of equipment, mold processing, production levels and standards of professional level ahead of other provinces and cities.

The ranking of the top 10 enterprises in Guangdong, occupy 5, the world's largest mold suppliers and Asia's largest mold factory in guangdong.

With the further optimization of industrial structure of Guangdong, petrochemical, automotive, high-tech and other industries have to Guangdong mold manufacturing has put forward higher requirements. The next few years Guangdong mold manufacturing will become increasingly sophisticated, complex.

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