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China plastic mold company breaks through the road2012-12-08 14:45:03

In recent years our country construction, automotive, electronic assembly, such as science and technology, the rapid development of industry, China plastic mold company produce and sale two flourishing has become mainstream, the development of mold industry has become the industry leader hardware. Look from home, machinery, automobile and electronics information industry such as mold needs large family of sustained development, is China's mold industry speed increase of the maximum power; look from international, one is my junior high school low-end molds have strong competitiveness, international procurement to China procurement ratio increased year by year, on the other hand, industry of developed countries mold production to transfer to China to further accelerate. Overall in 2012, industry of our country mould steel production and demand, sustained and rapid operation.

" The rapid development of the automobile industry for the automotive supplies to provide a broad application market, the automobile mould industry pull a movement is also obviously. " International Mold assist secretary-general Luo Baihui die in car exhibition forum that, so far, on the automotive industry supply of large injection mold company, European car market the dilemmas posed by the limited impact. But there are worrisome signs appear, such as some automakers output falls.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association data show, 2012 January -6 months new EU registered passenger car production to 7131000 units, compared with last year fell 6.8%. This means that, compared to the first half of 2011, down nearly 500000 cars. Germany and Britain's new car registrations increased by 0.7% and 2.7%, but the other major markets in the first half of this year, the performance of the doldrums. In France and Italy, new car registrations were decreased by 14.4% and 19.7%.

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