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Affect the future of Chinese plastic mold company industrial development factor2012-12-05 15:44:43

At present, China's plastics consumption has been ranked first in the world, but the per capita consumption is only industrial developed countries 1/7, industrial medium 1/4 in developed countries, which reflect the difference that we exist, on the other hand also shows China plastic industry and plastic mold industry great development space. According to the international and metal mold plastic industry suppliers association director Luo Baihui, China's mold demand industries including aerospace, defense industry, rail vehicles, engineering machinery and other industries, especially the total investment reached 220000000000 yuan the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail project, more than 30000000000 yuan of investment scale of the large aircraft project, will give plastic mold industry brings new challenges and opportunities. Said, China Plastic Mould Company
Development must rely on national key construction projects, vigorously develop the precision injection molds, dies and injection mold; at the same time up through the merger and reorganization of enterprises and the upgrading of products, reduce and the distance between the developed country, make our country 's plastic mold industry sustained and healthy development.
Four major factors restricting development of mold industry
In recent years, China's plastic mold industry development is rapid, reflected in the technological content of products and continuously improve, manufacturing cycle is shortening constantly. But with foreign plastic mold advanced level photograph is compared, still put in not little difference.
In 1, subject to the mold steel product upgrade
International Mold & Metal Plastic Industry Suppliers Association executive secretary Luo Baihui expressed a few days ago, along with the global economic recovery, the mold industry rapid development of mold industry, this year can achieve higher growth, in 2011 the mold industry will be in the stable development, is expected to have more than 18% growth, therefore the mold industry to steel demand will continue to rise.
Luo Baihui points out, mould industry is the iron and steel industry stability to the user, but also on iron and steel product upgrades to the prime mover, the mold industry to upgrade to a certain extent, subject to the high-grade steel variety, quality and service.
Foreign steel mold production more than 80% vacuum refining and ESR steel production, the purity and the high, while domestic production by electro slag remelting die steel share little, approximately 1/10. Foreign developed countries die steel yield in 85%~90%, and the yield is only 70%. China's listed in the national standard of plastic die steel is only 3Cr2Mo and 3Cr2MnNi. Foreign commonly used plastic die steel has formed a relatively complete series, such as the United States of America plastic die steel 7 steel, forming a complete P series; the Hitachi Metals Ltd has 15 grades. China's plastic mold steel capriciousness is big, 80% use carbon steel and 40Cr steel. For the complex, precision molds, to avoid heat treatment deformation, generally in the annealed state, normalized and tempered condition processing, so life is only similar foreign mold 1/10~1/2. Domestic automotive plastic mold enterprises are willing to choice of Germany, Japan, Sweden, three series of steel mold, but in the domestic purchase European steel mold, the price is higher than that of 30%~40%, seriously affected the competitiveness of domestic mold.
One is the hope of accelerating the development of high-end mold for special steel. Such as supercritical and ultra-supercritical thermal power equipment required for high temperature and high pressure resistant steel, large mold machine equipment needed for high strength steel, high-grade bearing device of the required quality of bearing steel, high-grade stamping die needed high-quality steel mold.
Two is to improve the quality of steel products. In recent years, iron and steel industry to enhance own innovation pace, developing some new products, such as motor, wind leaf mold is badly in need of high quality silicon steel sheet. But must ensure the consistency of performance and quality of stability, otherwise the relevant enterprises do not dare to use.
Three is to jointly build the benefit and win-win customer relationships. Die enterprises and the iron and steel enterprises are on the lower reaches, in independent innovation in the shared experience and perception.
hope that both sides can transposition thinking, place oneself in others' position for each other's sake, focus on the long term, as soon as possible to achieve China's high-end equipment localization, also as soon as possible to achieve China's high-end steel independent and mutual support, mutual efforts.
In 2, subject to the mold standardization degree
Automobile mold have access to specialized, standardized stage. Automobile mold is composed of professional mold manufacturers, mold commercialization rate is in 70% above, there are many specialized production mold standard parts enterprises, automobile mold standard parts up to hundreds of species, such as Germany, Japan mould standard rate of up to 85%. Domestic enterprises die die standardization degree of about 25%~30%. Mold standard has become one of the bottlenecks of the mold manufacturing cycle, also affected the domestic die competitiveness.
In 3, subject to the precision mold, life and production cycle
Japan Automobile Die precision can reach 0.02mm, plastic mold parting surface precision control in 0.01mm, while the domestic automobile mold brand enterprises, automobile mold precision control in 0.03~0.05mm; plastic mold parting surface matching die precision is about 0.03mm. German manufacturing cycle of the die in 2 weeks ~20 days 4~5 days, preparation, test mode 2~3 days. Day, Han mold period of 2 weeks, the reason is that they have a special mold parts of the city, a slider, a top rod, sprue bushing assembly can buy, domestic standardized parts do not, some parts of the machining accuracy is not up to the requirements.
In 4, subject to the innovation of enterprise management level

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