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China plastic mold companyThe need to promote high-speed cutting processing2012-12-04 10:22:54

With the development of national economy, the consumption level of ability, our country has become the world's third largest producer of automobiles, and each type of cars need large amounts of plastic mould market. Because our country enterprise use and control of high speed machining technology company is less, so the high quality plastic mold, our enterprises have to compete with foreign enterprise.
Plastic materials can be a large number of alternative steel, wood and other traditional building materials, in 2005 China building plastic products accounted for 16% of the total production. Predict 2015, plastic doors and windows of the penetration rate of 30%, plastic tube penetration rate will reach 50%, thereby greatly increasing the demand for plastic mold; as the world's largest home appliance production and consumption country, China's household electrical appliance industry required plastic mold quantity year increase rate is about 10%.
" In order to reverse this situation, the China Plastic Mould Company to promote high-speed machining has become a pressing matter of the moment. " Based on the plastic mold in China market demand, industry of our country mould structure reform and development pace to be accelerated increasingly, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises get great development, while foreign enterprises have entered China, resulting in the mold industry competition is intense.

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