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China plastic mold company: correct maintenance knowledge of plastic mold2013-01-16 09:33:47

China plastic mold company, the service life of plastic mold is closely related with the correct maintenance, in reality because of improper maintenance caused by mold scrapped the case too much, here to tell you how should maintain:

One, before the production mould.

A, must surface of mould oil, cooling water rust die casting of the clean check whether a foreign body, whether there is a water barrier.

Arc B, need to check whether the mold rubber sleeve damage, whether there are residual foreign body. The moving parts if there is abnormal, the action is smooth.

Two, the production of mould.

1, every day to check the mold ( die ) all oriented guide pillar, a guide sleeve is not damaged, including mold guide column. A part of its gas, regular maintenance, maintenance of two times the daily commute.

2, clean the mold parting surface and exhaust slot body plastic wire, foreign body, oil and check whether the abnormal and regular mould thimble oil. The parting surface, flow cleaning two times a day. Pilot pin, bushing, determine the position of tip to the oil once a day.

3, regular check mould water is smooth, and fastening the fastening screws at all.

Limit switch 4, checking the mold is abnormal, slanting pin. The sloping roof is abnormal.

Three, stop mould.

Must first shut down 1, stop before cooling water, water blowing mould water, surface inspection tooling is glue residue, the foreign matter to clean up after the uniform spray with anti-rust agent, fill out the relevant records accurately.

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