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China plastic mold company: Design of plastic injection mold slide block2013-01-15 09:01:19

   China plastic mold company, the slider is one of the important parts of plastic mould finish side core pulling, it is mainly with the molding core are connected together with the slanted guide pillar, the core pulling. In general, it into the side slide block core and lateral core portfolio, known as the combined side slide. In the side core is simple and easy processing, can also be side slide block and side core are made into a whole, called integral side slide.

   Oblique hole of the slide block and the inclined guide pillar are matched, in conjunction with the at the same time to make a 0 single. 5MM gap, so there is a very small space travel in the opening moments, make the slider and the movable core not tic coercive plastics extrusion die or punch, and the locking block is separated from the slide block, and then extracting core. Structure of slide, as the die structure and side core-pulling force determines the size of.

   The general and guide chute with, in order to make the slide block drives the core smoothly and accurately extracting core, must be in the template or dynamic template is provided with a guide sliding chute, the slider and guide chute and sliding guide must be well coordinated, the slider to complete the action, still remain in the guide chute, stay on the slide guide the length of the chute should not be less than the length of the 2\/3 block, the guide chute common structure form has two kinds, the rectangular guide chute and the dovetail guide chute.

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