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China plastic mold company: Die Steel classification2013-01-09 16:18:09

China plastic mould company told you die steels Classification

1, cold work die steel

Cold work die steel is mainly used for the manufacture of cold state of the workpiece pressing forming mould. Such as: cold punching mold, cold stamping die, cold deep drawing die, stamping die, cold extrusion dies, thread pressing mould and powder pressing die. Cold work die steel range is very wide, from a variety of carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel powder high-speed tool steel and die steel high alloy powder.

2, hot work die steel

Hot work die steel is mainly used for the manufacture of the high temperature parts processing mold pressure. Such as: hot forging die, hot extrusion die, die casting, hot forging die. Common hot die steel with high carbon content: add CR, W, MO, V alloy die steel; special requirements for the hot work die steel, sometimes made of high alloy austenitic heat-resistant steel mold manufacturing.

In 3, the plastic die steel

Because of the many different types of plastic, the plastic products demand differences, for the manufacture of plastic mold materials also offerred all sorts of different functional requirements. Therefore, many industry developed countries have formed a wide range of plastic die steel series. Including carbon steel, plastic mold steel, carburized prehardened plastic mould steel, aging hardening plastic die steel plastic mold steel, corrosion resistance, easy cutting plastic die steel, plastic die steel whole quenching, maraging steel and mirror polishing plastic die steel.

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