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Chinese companies: plastic mold plastic mold industry problems2013-01-08 15:32:28

China plastic mould company and its development needs and foreign advanced standards, mainly in six aspects of the subject

( 1) development is not balanced, the product is overall the level is low. Although individual enterprises of the products have reached very high level, individual business department of products have reached or close to international standards, but on the whole, the mold precision, cavity surface roughness, production cycle, life and other indexes and foreign advanced level still has bigger difference comparison. Including the modes of production and business management, and the overall level of foreign industry developed country compare have more than 10 years gap.

( 2) the backward technology and equipment, organization and coordination ability. Although the sector through recent years of technical innovation, technology and equipment level has more advanced, but most enterprise technology equipment is still relatively backward. More important is our enterprise organization coordinated ability is bad, so it is difficult to integrate or to mobilize social resources, thus it is difficult to undertake large projects.

( 3) the majority of enterprise development ability. One is the low proportion of technical personnel, level is not high enough, on the other hand is the research and development of less investment, more important is the idea behind, do not pay enough attention to the development of.

( 4) administrative lag than backward technology. Backward technology often easy to see, administrative lag sometimes is difficult to realize. Die at home and abroad on business management gap is very significant, governance gap brings the subject more often than the technical gap is more serious.

( 5) the market demand, production was more difficult to keep up with the development of the contradiction between supply and demand, yet difficult to resolve, in short supply situation will continue for a period of time, especially in the high-end products, contradiction is more outstanding. ( 6) system and talent problem solving to still need time. In socialist market economy, in the process of economic globalization, the competition of industry, especially as a mold that relies on specific user, be being produced in the industry, many enterprises the present system and operating mechanism is still very difficult to adapt to the changing market. Talented person's quantity and the quality level could not keep up with the rapid development of the industry. Although everywhere in the effort to solve the two problems, but still needs time to get better solution.

Looking into the future, because the international, domestic macroscopical environment is good on the whole, the main users of domestic plastic mold industry will continue to develop with rapidder rate, plastic mold will last high speed develops. At present the main problems at home and abroad through exchanges and cooperation, through the joint efforts of entire industry, through all aspects of the common support, will gradually be solved.

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