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China plastic mold company: Plastic Profile2013-01-07 15:41:29

China plastic mold company tells you what is plastic:

Plastic is a major component of synthetic resin. Resin this term was originally developed by plants and animals secrete lipid and its name, such as rosin, shellac, the resin is not yet and mixed with various additives for polymer. Resin accounted for about 40% of the total weight of the ~ 100% plastic. Plastic 's basic function mainly depends on the nature of resin additive, but also plays an important role in. Some plastics are basically is made of synthetic resin composition, with no or less additive, such as glass, polystyrene. The so-called plastic, in fact it is a kind of synthetic resin, appearance with the natural resin of pine resin is similar, but also through chemical strength to synthesis, and is called the plastic.

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