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China plastic mold company plastic characteristics2012-12-28 14:43:38

    China plastic mould company told you plastic mainly has the following characteristics : ①most plastic light, chemical stability, no corrosion;②good impact resistance;③has good transparency and abrasion resistance; the good insulation, low thermal conductivity; the general shape, color is good, the processing cost is low the departments; the poor heat-resistant     plastics, thermal expansion, and easy burning; the dimensional difference, easy deformation; s most plastic resistance to low temperature difference, low temperature brittle; have easy to aging; with some plastic soluble in solvents.

    Plastics can be divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic two categories, the former cannot be reshaped using, the latter can be repeated to produce.

    Plastic polymer structure there are two basic types : the first is a linear structure, with the structure of the polymeric compounds called linear polymer; second is the integrated structure, with the structure of the polymer compound called type polymer compound. Some polymer having branched, called branched polymer, belonging to the linear structure. Some intermolecular cross-linking polymer is crosslinked, but less, known as the reticular structure, which belongs to the type structure.

    Two kinds of different structure, show two kinds of opposite function. Linear structure ( including structure of amylopectin ) polymer because of independent molecules exist, therefore has elasticity, plasticity, in a solvent to dissolve, heating to melt, the hardness and brittleness of smaller features. Body structure of polymers as no independent     macromolecules exists, so there is no elasticity and plasticity, can dissolve and melt, it can be swelling, hardness and brittleness. Plastic two structure of the polymer are, by the linear polymer is made of thermoplastic polymer made by size, is a thermosetting plastic.

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