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China plastic mold company: China mold standard parts industry development foreground is hopeful2012-12-26 16:16:53

   China plastic mould company that mold standard parts mold the important component, is a mold base. It is to shorten the die design and manufacturing cycle, reduce production cost, improve the quality of die mold has very important technical and economic significance. The experience of foreign industry developed country proves, mold standard parts of the professional production and commercialization of supply, greatly promoted the development of mould industry. According to the foreign material, widely used standard parts can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle up to 25-40%; can save the user self-made standard parts caused by the social work, reduce raw material and energy source waste; for die CAD\/CAM application of the modern technology such as basis; can significantly improve the mold manufacturing precision and performance. Usually the professional production of standard parts standard parts than homemade with precision and position precision will be improved by at least one order of magnitude, and can ensure interchangeability, improve the service life of the die, and then promote the industry interior economic system and industrial structure, operating mechanism and production and management aspects of the reform, realize the specialization and scale production, and promote the development of die standard parts commodity market form with development. Can be said without mold standard parts of the professional and commercial, no mold industry modernization.
    In recent years, China's mold industry swift and violent development, mold parts standardization, specialization and commercial work, has a high level, obtained great progress. Since 1983, the National Standardization Technical Committee molds since its establishment, organization of experts on the mold standard formulation, revision and review, has released a total of 90 standards, one standard 22, plastic mold standard more than 20. The issuance of these standards, the implementation, the pushing out of the mould industry technology progress and the development, has great social benefit and economic benefit. Mold standard parts of the research, development and production is comprehensive spread out deep, whether it is product types, varieties, specifications, or the technical performance of products and quality are improved. Mold net CEO Luo Baihui to express, at present our country mould standard level and application level is relatively low, optimistic estimates of less than 30%, and the developed countries ( 70-80% ) is compared, still have bigger difference. Now the production and sales of manufacturers although increased year by year, but the majority are small scale, equipment stale, backward technology, high cost, low benefit. Only the ordinary small and medium-sized standard die sets and plastic mold base, a guide column, a guide sleeve, a push rod, die springs, pneumatic components and other products, commodity rate is higher, can basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and some exports. While those with high technical content, advanced structure, excellent performance, good quality, convenient replacement of personalized products, such as ball lock type quick change punch and a fixed plate, solid lubrication guide plate and the guide sleeve, a wedge mechanism and its parts, high-grade plastic mold standard parts and nitrogen the main spring and other domestic manufacturers understood, and due to lack of funds, technical transformation project is difficult to implement, low production efficiency, long delivery cycle, supply and demand contradiction.
   Therefore, still need every year to import from abroad a considerable number of mold standard parts, the cost of imports accounted for about 3-8% years die. Domestic mold standard parts in technical standard, technology development, product quality and other aspects, there are still many problems. Such as, product standard chaos, function less components and technical content is low, poor applicability; the intensity of technical transformation of small, equipment stale, craft is backward, specialization the level is low, product quality is not stable; the lack of professionals, management does not follow to go up, low production efficiency, long delivery cycle; production and sales outlets uneven distribution, operating varieties few specifications, in short supply; some units to contend for the market, do not tell quality, shoddy, fake commodity floods the market. And regardless of the cost, depreciate blindly, disrupted the market phenomenon, need studies seriously, to be solved.

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