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China plastic mold company: Die production process2012-12-25 14:44:12

The mold is a model, according to this model production goods, but the mold is produced about how Chinese plastic mold company told you:

1) ESI: this stage is mainly between client and supplier concerning the product design and mold development and other aspects of the technology, the main purpose is to let the supplier clearly realize product designer's intent and requirements of accuracy, but also let the designer of the product better understand mold production capacity, product process function in order to make the design more reasonable.

2) quotes include: mold prices, die life, working process, machine and mold delivery requirements. ( more specific price should include the product dimensions and weight, die size weight and other information. )

3) Order: customer orders, the deposit issued and supplier order accept.

4) mould production planning and schedule arrangement: this stage need to mold delivery date to customers to make a reply.

5) mold design: may use design software with Pro\/Engineer, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA etc.

6) the procurement of materials

7) mold processing : the procedure generally have cars, Gong ( milling ), heat treatment, grinding, computer gongs, EDM, line cutting, grinding, laser engraving coordinates, polishing.

8) mold assembly

9) mold test mode

10) the assessment model.

11) sample evaluation report approved

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