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China Plastic Mould Network2012-12-21 14:36:52

China plastic mould network is Taizhou City Galaxy Information Technology Co. Ltd. for the global industry mold large B2B electronic commerce website. Based on the mold of rural China -- Zhejiang, Huangyan, Huangyan is the national torch plan Huangyan plastic mold industry base, Huangyan plastic mold provincial-level high-tech industrial base, to heaven and earth and benefit, and to quality service, good reputation and rich content to win the industry's recognition and support, in 2005, 2006, 2007 for three consecutive years as the mold industry only website won the " Chinese industry electronic commerce website 100" title. China plastic mould network is the first professional mold sites, is currently the largest customer, the most abundant data, to visit the top mold website. China plastic mould network has built the largest database of die professional mold manufacturers, with more than 30000 die, formed in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta mold manufacturers as the center, auxiliary radio China, facing the world, become the industry network of trade, the exchange of information platform of choice. China plastic mould is also a network of hall of Zhejiang province science and technology of China Zhejiang online technology market website first partner, building opened in Zhejiang online technology market mold professional market, for the mold enterprises to provide technical trading, the outcome of the transfer and online transactions provide a broader platform. In the electronic commerce development today, warmly invite all major Chineseplastic mold company, as China die to the world, help the mold enterprise to enlarge the market, achieve more business.

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