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The year of 2003 was an alarming year because of SARS. That same year, Mr.Canghua Zhao found the company named New Vision. At the very beginning,we struggled in a simple factory covering less than 1000 ㎡. As the stagnant environment caused by SARS,the company didn't have any customers and advanced equipments.Mr.Zhao, along with a dozen people, was surrounded by confusion and panic, without knowing where was our development direction. But,at that time, New Vision families told ourselves-----we would be there if we hold on. We overcame the difficulties step by step. We challenged ourselves over and over again.Finally, there was no confusion to us any more, cause we found our development direction. The annual output value increased from 900,000 RMB of the first year to 3 million RMB of the second year.We were growing! It's less the increase of those numbers than the grow up of ourselves.With the bare disposable capital, we chose to purchase advanced equipment.It showed that our company's development rose to a new level, when the first Kafo CNC Milling Machine from TaiWan was put into the workshop.

Moving into 2008, several years' hard struggle and study made New Vision Families more and more mature. We learned much more management theories and advanced production ideas. On account of these ideas, the company's development got the wings to take off. Also this same year, New Vision Families started to go abroad and develop global market, not only because of domestic market saturation but the requirements from domestic customers. That year, with passion for the Olympic Games, we traveled to lots of countries and attended the Frankfurt Fair. Our field of vision became much broader. Our Mind was constantly expanded. Going abroad gave us the chances to learn while bringing orders. Indeed, more advanced equipments and more efficient managements outside stimulated us and let us know our development direction further clearly.It was the year we found our new factory for injection molding process,factory for pipe fitting mould,and branch for electronic products.This year, we made another takeoff. From 2003 to 2011, New Vision has had standardized workshop,sophisticated equipment,and professional design team, as well as highly effective and rigorous production team.

By now, we have developed into a diversified and large enterprise. It becomes more apparent to us: working attentively and being honest are the unchangeable business strategy.