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crate mould

Plastic box mould

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New Vision Mould has a team of experts for Designing Stackable, Collapsible type of Crates, Increasing strength of the crate, Reducing weight of the crate. Developing high quality injection mould for higher production.
Types of Crate moulds New Vision can offer:
1. Vegetable crate mould
2. Multipurpose crate mould
3. Bottle crate mould
4. Fish crate mould
5. Milk crate mould
6. Pouch crate mould
7. Collapsible crate mould

Crate Mould Name: Crate Mould
Crate Mould Size:1500mm*1200mm*850mm
Crate Mould Cavity: 2 Cavities
Suitable Machine: 1200 HaiTian Machine
Crate Mould Steel: DIN1.2738 + Copper Beryllium
Crate Mould Life: 3000K shots
Crate Mould Runner: Hot Runner
Crate Mould Running: Full automatic
Crate Mould Warranty: One Year
Crate Mould Injection Cycle Time: 40 seconds
Crate Mould Features:
The application of Copper Beryllium on the top core and cavity edge leads to best cooling effect for high speed injection